MineQuest is an industry leader in electronic manufacturing and repair. For over 20 years we have been serving the coal and mining industry with competitive prices and expert service for quality remanufacturing (repair, replacement or exchange) of all types of underground mining equipment. We know the importance of following proper guidelines and MSHA requirements, which is why we use only OEM replacement parts to repair your equipment.




To deliver premium value (the best service, at the lowest possible cost) to the coal and mining industry,
and to be a trusted partner whose actions are guided by faith in God.

The mission of MineQuest, a provider of remanufacturing services for the coal and mining industry, is to ensure that mines remain operational through an efficient repair, replacement or exchange program offered on­site or at our re­manufacturing plant. Our goal is to assist our customers with prompt, quality service saving them time and the most money possible.

As a leading remanufacturer of mining equipment we hold close the values of:

• People­­ – those we work with, and those we serve
• Faith
• Integrity
• Mutual respect
• Trust
• Stewardship
• High-quality production
• Active and experiential learning to advance technology
• Collaboration, and
•The importance of coal as a valuable energy supply